The following table describes the fields each cookie has.

Cookie properties (source)
stringname The name of the cookie.
stringvalue The value of the cookie.
stringdomain The domain of the cookie (e.g. “”, “”).
booleanhostOnly True if the cookie is a host-only cookie (i.e. a request’s host must exactly match the domain of the cookie).
stringpath The path of the cookie.
booleansecure True if the cookie is marked as Secure (i.e. its scope is limited to secure channels, typically HTTPS).
booleanhttpOnly True if the cookie is marked as HttpOnly (i.e. the cookie is inaccessible to client-side scripts).
booleansession True if the cookie is a session cookie, as opposed to a persistent cookie with an expiration date.
double(optional) expirationDate The expiration date of the cookie as the number of seconds since the UNIX epoch. Not provided for session cookies.
stringstoreId The ID of the cookie store containing this cookie, as provided in getAllCookieStores().